Young Chinese Talent Topped NATURE’s 2018 List of 10 Scientists Who Matter

Twenty-two-year-old CAO Yuan, a graduate of the University of Science and Technology of China and current PhD student at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), received recognition from NATURE by making their 2018 list of 10 people who have made remarkable contributions to science and research. He was included in the list for his two recent papers which centred around the topics of irregular behaviour and superconductivity in bilayer graphene (a form of carbon). His discoveries of graphene acting as both an insulator and superconductor have, according to NATURE, “spurred a new field of physics”. As a result, CAO and many others in the spheres of physics and electronics are exploring the uses and possibilities of two-dimensional materials. To further credit CAO’s discoveries, the graphic design for the list was inspired by the magic-angle bilayer graphene which his papers detail.

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