Xihu (Westlake) University Completes Second PhD Intake

Xihu (Westlake) University, the first private R&D university in China, has completed its second intake of 139 PhD students. SHI Yigong the President of the University emphasised that the university “doesn’t measure PhD students by their quantity of publications or even SCI data”. Xihu aims to have 1,000 students in its 5 year plan, and 5,000 in its 10 year plan. Currently the university has four faculties, Biology, Foundation Medicine, Sienese and frontier Technology; all four deans were recruited from China’s top university. To date the university has raised RMB3.5billion RMB (USD500m) , and is aiming to raise RMB20billion (USD3.4billion) through 39 foundation members and 400+ donors.

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