Westlake University: First Chinese Private R&D University

Westlake University in Xihu District, Hangzhou is aiming to create an education and R&D balance between the public and private sectors. Westlake University receives a mixture of funding from the Hangzhou Westlake Education Foundation and significant government R&D funding.


The town of Yunqi itself has attracted hundreds of enterprises, including Aliyun and Intel, and the university has recruited 21 scientists from around the world for its Institute for Natural Sciences, Institute for Basic Medical Sciences, Institute for Biology and the Institute for Advanced Technology.


The university is an expansion of the Westlake R&D Institute, of which SHI Yigong, a controversial returnee with a PhD from Johns Hopkins and elected to the National Academy of Sciences in the US, is the President. Professor SHI is driving the global talent recruitment and other preparations for the establishment of Westlake University.

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