Webinar: Gain Clinical Experience in the US

Jan 20th 2022                Beijing 10 PM | New York 9 AM | Dubai 6 PM

Who should attend:

  • Managerial staff from health care providers who wish to provide overseas clinical rotation to staff
  • Current medical/nursing students
  • Resident doctors
  • Other medical/nursing professionals who wish to gain overseas experience to enhance their careers

In early November, the US reopened its borders after 20 months. It is time to resume our exciting Gain Clinical Experience in the US webinar, an exciting project jointly organised by CHE and its partner AMOpportunities, a platform that assists thousands of international medical trainees in completing clinical experiences with notable medical institutions in the US.

This webinar will cover a variety of clinical experience opportunities in the United States. Daniel Rivers, Partnerships Director at AMO in the United States, will discuss both research and practical opportunities to enhance your medical career. Choose from more than 250 clinical sites, including top hospitals, for either virtual or in-person programs.



Daniel Rivers

Partnerships Director of AMO
Dr. Nazmus Sakib

Pediatrician Peking University First Hospital


 If you have any other questions, please email info@chinahighereducation.org.

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