Wanke Donates RMB5billion Shares to Tsinghua University

Wanke Group, one of China’s largest real estate developers, is donating RMB 5billion of its employee shares to Tsinghua University to create the Tsinghua-Wanke Public Health institute. It will focus on training talents in preventative medicine, great health (physical, emotional and intellectual), health data and public health policy, with an emphasis on cross-disciplinary talents. This is the single largest donation a Chinese university has ever received to date.

Tsinghua received an RMB 2billion donation in 2018, mostly in cash. The first share donation in China was started by CAO Dewang, President of Fuyao Glass Industrial Group in 2011, who donated 300million of his shares to set up Heren Charitable Foundation to fund activities in environmental protection, poverty relief and education. 

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