USD 2.3 billion Education Investment in First Half of 2018

More than 180 education projects have received investment in the first half of 2018, which equates to around one project each day. The top three areas attracting investment are curriculum development, pre-school education and VET, whereas investment in K-12 only lists as sixth, according to LANJINGER Education.


Large investments include: VIPKIDs raising USD 500m in their D+ round of funding, 17ZUOYE (Homework Together) raising USD 250m in its E round, DaDaABC and KnowBox raising USD 100m respectively in their C Rounds and CodeMao (CodeKitten) receiving USD 50m funding.


Four companies specialising in graduate school training are listed in the US: JINGRUI, ANBO (2nd time listing), PUXIN, and 21st Century Education.  A further six are also awaiting listing.


JIEMODUI, an education media group, predicts that the top investment in the second half of this year will be in language training and the STEM education sector.


The most active investors in the education field are still the two NASDAQ listed education giants TAL and New Oriental, RMB funds such as ZhengFund, Innovative Factory, and iFutureWork are also very active in this sector.

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