Uni of H.K. and Cambridge Offers Dual Degree to Attract Top Science Students.

This 2+2/3 dual degree program offers a Bachelor of Arts / Science from the University of Hong Kong, and through optional 2 or 3 years study in Cambridge, students can obtain Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Cambridge. HKU also has dual degrees with Peking Uni in Law and Leadership. The Cambridge program is designed to attract talented students to Nature Science; a high Math score is required and only a proportion of HKU students will be admitted into the program. Successful candidates will also be given opportunities to take part in summer research fellowships, overseas research fellowships, international scientific conferences, and research mentorship programmes. The first cohort will be starting in Autumn, 2020. Amongst the 3,000 students under the Faculty of Science, 1/3rd are from outside Hong Kong and mainland China. The faculty also has dual degree program arrangements with UC Berkeley, College London & Science Po in France.

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