UNESCO Teacher Training Centre Announced

Coming as no surprise to those working in the industry, UNESCO officially announced that its Teacher Training Centre will be based in Shanghai, and will be its designated teacher training center.

Shanghai ranked top in PISA tests in 2012 and attracted UK education publisher Collins to acquire 36 mathematics textbooks and translate them for UK students.  The Shanghai maths system is expected to be promoted to approximately 8,000 UK schools and since 2014 at least 60 Shanghai teachers have been sent to UK to help schools to adopt the new system.

Some argue that teaching knowledge and skills form just some of the key elements of K12 education, and agree that education in Shanghai is advanced, but not yet off the ground compared to the rest of the China. The fact still remains that there are many issues that cannot be resolved by Shanghai schools and teachers alone. Shanghai still has the highest study abroad ratio in high schools, as well as the highest proportion of applications to study abroad without using agents (DIY approach).

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