Undergraduate Recruitment Opportunities

Online Recruitment Opportunity:


  • Without the need to arrange travel and accommodation but still ensuring nationwide coverage across China, take this opportunity to exhibit and recruit online. CHE Partner with different channels for recruiting targeting specifically to high-school students and university students for undergraduate and post-graduates.

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Offline Recruitment Opportunities:

Join a multi-day tour of Chinese high schools in:

Option A:
Hefei  –  Nanchang  –  Changsha – Xiamen – Guangzhou – Kunming
12th – 24th April 2020
Option B:
Xiamen  –  Guangzhou  –  Kunming
20th – 24th April 2020

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Each Boutique Recruitment Fair will be in a hotel in each city. Organised by iEduChina, a key player in the K-12 sector, the fairs draw 300+ students and their families looking to attend International schools in China and abroad.

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Our partner, Sunrise, has developed a high-quality platform to build impressions for your brand and can offer precise, instant and large-scale brand awareness marketing in the most effortless way possible.  With an active student community of over 16,000 that are preparing to study abroad and an up-to-date student contact database, Sunrise’s targeted marketing campaigns are able to reach out to these students at any time. 

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