UK Independent School Establishes Suzhou Campus

The independent school with 100+ years history- Adcote Girl’s School has just announced the establishment of its second campus in Suzhou, after its first China campus in Shanghai. The Suzhou campus is the outcome of collaborative work by the joint entity RICE (Ray and Ideal Community of Education) in May 2020. The two entities under RICE are both from Shanghai: Ideal Education (Ailicheng), founded by Dr Li Zi; and Ray Education Group, also named Ray Education Academy (Yali). Dr Li is a board director of Tongji University and founder of the Tongji Affiliated School and a series of other schools under the “Cunzhi” brand. Ray Education group acquired two independent UK schools in 2018 (Adcote and Myddelton College) and has established multiple international campuses in China. The Adcote Suzhou International School will provide both the AP and IB (MYP) programs. Through its collaborations with a leading football club founded by a former Argentinian soccer celebrity, the school will also provide workshops on number systems, design and innovation, as well as a certified leadership training program from ASDAN. 

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