UC Berkeley – Tsinghua Set Up Joint RISC-V Lab in Shenzhen

The winner of the Turing Award Prof. David Patterson announced the joint lab between UC Berkeley and Tsinghua University in Shenzhen: the RISC International Open Source (RIOS for short). Prof. Patterson was appointed as the Director and Zhangxi Tan, founder of AI sim cards company OURS will be the co-director based in Shenzhen. TAN is an alumnus of both Berkeley and Tsinghua. There will be 50 full-time engineers ware expected to work in the Lab; the lab is targeting the CPU (central processing unit) industry’s hardware needs in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau region. The joint lab is expecting a very close relationship with the industry. 

The RISC (reduced instruction set computer) concept was first raised by the President of Google, Hennessy and Prof. Patterson in 1980, awarded with the Turing Prize in 2017. Some industry experts expect the RISC will lead to a new historical turning point in sim card application.

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