Tsinghua Hosts the First World MOOC Conference

Tsinghua University hosted the first Global MOOC Conference at the end of 2020, jointly with the Institute of Information Technologies in Education (IITE) of UNESCO. This conference formally launched the Global MOOC Alliance, which includes 17 universities from 14 countries (USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, Russia, Singapore and New Zealand, etc), as well as online providers EdX (created by Harvard and MIT) and XuetangX (Tsinghua University being one of the stakeholders).

Beijing Declaration was issued at the conference; the declaration outlined the consensus of the meeting, i.e. the mission of MOOC is to maintain uninterrupted teaching and learning through the transformation of traditional methodologies, turn crises into opportunities and promote social solidarity through education.

Starting in 2000, the Chinese Ministry of Education (MoE) launched nationwide online education projects. By 2012, many Chinese universities had adopted MOOC platforms (Courser & EdX) or equivalents. The most popular MOOC courses are either general knowledge or hobby-based such as Literature and History; occupational driven courses in Accounting, IT and Design are also popular. 

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