The True Attraction to the UK – PSW or a Shorter Degree?

While the UK’s reinstalment of the Post Study Work Visa (PSW) has been widely reported by Chinese media, fewer local commentaries have been made. Some are sceptical about its actual impact on applications, given a number of other countries already have the post-study work visa policy in place. These include the top offers from Australia (up to 4 years), New Zealand and Canada for up to 3 years, Germany (18 months), and Japan with a merit system based on income thresholds. The most desired and difficult-to-obtain work visa for Chinese students would be the F1 visa in the US, with only less than 10% of students are lucky enough to receive it; however, it doesn’t stop the US from being the No. 1 study destination. In Australia, only less than ¼ of international graduates apply for post-study work visas. Chinese student recruitment agents seem more willing to give greater attention to the two years fast track bachelor study option to attract students to the UK, which saves one-year living costs and 20% of the total tuition.

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