Student Victims Take Law Suits Against University Staff and the University

According to US CBS News, a female Chinese student named Vina SUN has publicly filed a lawsuit against Gary XU (XU Gang), a former tenured professor in the Department of East Asian Languages and Culture of Illinois University (UIUC) for multiple sexual assault conducts. The law case was joined by two other plaintiffs including one victim and another Chinese academic. XU completed his undergraduate degree in China, received a PhD from Columbia University. Ms. SUN told the media that she had reported XU to the university at least 3 times. The university investigated the case in 2016 and offered XU two years paid leave; when he finally resigned to teach at a different university, he was also provided with a compensation package from the university. XU continued to abuse his students by threatening not to provide recommendation letters and disrupting their visas. This is not an alone case. In 2017, a Chinese employee (Xuesong YANG) of the same university but a different campus was also been charged with raping a freshman female Chinese student in his office with threats of cancelling her visa. The attorneys are filing a lawsuit against UIUC based on “XU abused this power; the University let him”. The plaintiffs have been directly communicating with Chinese readers through social media and the story is widely circulated in China.

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