Struggling Sino-Russian Programs in HLJ Hoping for Rejuvenation

Struggling Sino-Russia Programs in HLJ Hoping for Rejuvenation 

Heilongjiang Province, home to Sino-Russia collaboration, has lost the vast majority of its joint Sino-Russian programs despite its early start in this field of studies. It is, however, worth noting that Harbin Electric and Gas Group, a key stakeholder in the new district of Heilongjiang’s capital city Harbin, is working towards a Sino-Russia campus there, with K-12 to university facilities. The new district is 23 km from downtown, with 800,000 residents. 

Despite their close geographical proximity, 50+ joint programs in this region are no longer in operation, while Sino-Russia joint programs and joint institutes are blossoming in other Chinese inland cities and more economically developed regions, including the most prestigious Sino-Russian collaboration achievement – the Shenzhen MSU-BIT University, a Chinese campus established jointly by Moscow State University and Beijing Institute of Technology. There are 80+ Sino-Russian China programs currently operating in China, approx. a quarter of them are still located in Heilongjiang Province.

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