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researchreportsweb We produce a range of comprehensive research reports focusing on a wide variety of aspects of the higher education sector in China.

Report Categories

Our reports are divided into two categories: Standard and Tailored.

Standard Reports

These reports provide a broad but deep overview of the topic but do not provide any specific information that necessarily directly relates to an individual educational institution. 

Tailored Reports

These reports are customized to match an individual client’s background, current situation and future plans. 

In order to ensure that all of our reports (both Standard and Tailored reflect the most up-to-date governmental policies, market conditions and approved programs, we continuously check and, if needed, update our reports before distributing them. This process can vary in length from report to report. 

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Some of the reports we produce include:

Please click on any of the above reports to learn more.

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Our current Standard Report prices are available upon request and we offer discounts for current Industry Journal subscribers.

Our Tailored Reports are priced individually, according to your institution’s individual situation and requirements.

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If you would like further information about any of our Research Reports, please contact using the form below:

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