Recruiting Opportunities

Global Recruiting Opportunities

CHE platform is a great place to start reviewing your global recruiting events organised by different service providers. The events can be sorted by time, region or nature of the events, whether they are direct recruiting fairs or agents workshop, or scholarship summit. 

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China Recruitment Opportunities

China is such a large recruitment market that it can be very difficult to determine and even decide upon the best ways to take advantage of the huge number of opportunities ahead of you. You can source your China recruiting events by Online & Offline, by UG (Undergraduate) and PG (Postgraduate); recruiting directly or recruiting through agents. 

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Online Recruiting Opportunities

As a country with one of the highest rates of internet access, your recruitment in China, whether it be at high school, undergraduate, or graduate level, can be maximized through online recruitment campaigns.
Online recruiting campaigns allow you to reach global education markets, including Vietnam, Brazil and Latin America.

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