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China Webcast Series (PG | UG)

Each Webcast will be broadcast to institutions around China, 1000+ observing each session with parents welcome to dial in and join. Each session offers 6 university representatives a chance to present to schools and universities around China and participate in Q&A sessions. Participating universities will be able to follow up by distributing virtual interest cards and displaying your WeChat QR code, and will receive sign up information from interested students, counsellors and parents.

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High School Recruiting Platform

IEduChina is one the largest high-school direct recruitment platform in China. Partnered with 1,000+ international schools in China, and operating across 13 websites as well as numerous social media accounts, IEduChina has an average daily click rate of 200,000. The platform provides different ways to assist recruitment at high-school, language school, pathway program and undergraduate levels. Alongside of offering different promotional packages, it also present multiple online and offline recruiting fairs each year.

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China Test Optional Initiative

IEduChina is one the largest high-school direct recruitment platform in The China Test Optional Initiative (CTOI), to bridge the gap between the growing test-optional policy movement in higher education with the extraordinary number of Chinese students seeking international education opportunities after taking the Gaokao or other standardized exams.

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Global Recruiting Online

Digital Recruiting Packages for Vietnam, Brazil, Latin Amercia and Global

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