R&D: Chinese Inhaled Vaccine Completed Clinical Trials

In early June epidemiologist Dr CHEN Wei, China’s anti-bioweapon Chief Advisor, announced that an inhaled vaccine created jointly by her team and CanSino Bioglicis Inc. had completed clinical trials and was in the process of applying to China’s National Medical Products Administration to qualify for emergency use.

The inhaled vaccine will no longer require cold storage, liquid bottles, or needle injections. It is expected to have much higher protection efficiency by priming the mucosal immune system in the lungs and only uses 1/5th of the current vaccine dose. The study of inhaled vaccines was first published in August 2020 and started clinical trials in Wuhan in September 2020. 

On June 3rd, Chinese official media Xinhua reported that 700m vaccine doses had been administered in China. Six days later, on June 9th, 800m doses were reportedly administered. By June 15th, the official reports declare figures had reached 900m doses.

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