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Make sure you are aware of relevant facts and trends, and help your institution define its own position in the Chinese higher education market to remain competitive.

The CHE Tailored News is a screened news service that keeps you up-to-date on a specific field within the higher education industry in China.


How Does It Work?

Issues are published bi-monthly and each contains a batch of at least 5 news stories about your selected area of focus.

You can choose to subscribe as an individual or as an organisation. As an organisation, you can designate up to 5 recipients for each Tailored News issue.

News Categories

Our main news categories are as follows:

  1.  Alumni & Fundraising
  2.  Student Recruitment, Visa Changes & Agents
  3.  Joint Programs & China Campuses
  4.  R&D
  5.  Careers & Internships
  6.  High Schools (including international high schools and international university pathways)
  7.  Vocational Education & Training (VET)
  8.  Academic Disciplines:
      • Engineering, Science & IT
      • Law
      • MBA & EMBA
      • Finance, Accounting & Economics
      • Medicine & Public Health

Please contact us if:

  • there are any additional categories in which you and/or your organisation are interested;
  • you would like to obtain back-dated news stories;

Who Should Read It?

Our wide range of news categories makes this service essential for any education professional involved with higher education in China, in particular:

  • Professors/Lecturers;
  • Recruitment Advisors;
  • International/Global Engagement Department Personnel;
  • University Management;



  1.  Choose which news category/categories you require.
  2.  A single subscription period is 12 months, during which you will receive 6 issues of Tailored News.
  3.  Each issue of Tailored News will contain at least 5 news stories.
  4.  All category prices below are per subscription period.
  5.  You can choose to subscribe as an individual or as an organisation.  As an organisation, you can designate up to 5 people (email addresses) to receive each Tailored News issue.

News Category Individual
(USD $)
(USD $)
1. Alumni & Fundraising 50 150
2. Student Recruitment, Visa Changes & Agents 50 150
3. Joint Programs & China Campuses 50 150
4. R&D 50 150
5. Careers & Internships 50 150
6. High Schools 50 150
7. Vocational and Education Training (VET) 50 150
8. Academic Discipline (per choice of discipline) 50 150

Is CHE Tailored News Right for me?

The CHE Tailored News are designed for readers focused on a specific area within the Higher Education sector in China, such as the developments in a specific academic discipline or within a functional area, such as in Alumni relations, or in R&D.

This is the right CHE publication for you if you prefer getting straight to the point of what you need to know.

If your focus is generic/contextual rather than specific, we recommend you consider the CHE Industry Journal, it covers a wide range of topics, across disciplines.


If you have any questions about our Tailored News service, please contact us at info@chinahighereducation.org or complete the contact form below:

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