R&D in China

China’s investment in R&D has risen by close to 20 per cent annually in the past decade, to be more than US$160 billion in 2012 (1.98 per cent of GDP). China has now surpassed Japan to become the world’s second largest R&D investor after the US and, based on current R&D growth trends, is expected to overtake the US in around 10 years time.


This report will help your institution better understand the R&D market in China, with a particular emphasis on collaborations and advice on how to strategically assess, choose and leverage partners based on both your institution and your prospective partner’s strengths and synergies.


Specifically, this report includes:


  • An update on the R&D market in China and current regulations and policies;
  • An overview of the R&D market in the higher education sector in China;
  • An outline of existing models of collaboration and guidance as to which models are most appropriate in varying circumstances;
  • Guidance on entering or expanding in the China market, as well as practical approaches to identifying and partnering with a Chinese partner;
  • Challenges that impact on the effectiveness and profitability of R&D projects, which should be taken into account by any institution looking to engage in collaborations with Chinese universities or other institutions;
  • The outlook for future developments of and for Chinese and international research partnerships and joint laboratories;

This report is available as a Standard and Tailored report.

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