Prospective Chinese Students

Study Abroad and University Decision Making


Building on in-depth analyses of surveys and first-hand interviews with Chinese students, this report provides insight into the decision making process of Chinese students looking to study overseas and the reasons behind if, why and how they decide upon their overseas institution, course and final destination of choice.


While these decision making processes vary from region to region in China, word of mouth, family ties and university ranking play a significant role in the process. Better understanding the decision making process helps universities understand the different key aspects of their own promotional campaigns, providing opportunities for better targeted and more cost-effective marketing.


This report:

  • Details the process previous students have undergone when selecting universities and study destinations abroad;
  • Examines why some students choose to use education agents and others adopt a more DIY approach;
  • Analyses the geographical differences in decisions to use agents, enrol in pathway programs, choose study destinations and different levels of emphasis on universities’ ranking.
  • Describes the level of influence of key people in students’ lives (family, close friends, teachers), as well as the role agents and the media play.

This report is available as a Standard and Tailored report.

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