Joint & Articulation Programs in China

The number of joint programs between Chinese and foreign universities has increased markedly over the past two decades. There are now around 900 existing joint and articulation programs approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) for bachelor degree courses and other postgraduate courses.


The bulk of these existing programs are focused on business-related courses, such as management and economics, as well as engineering. Nevertheless, many of these programs fail to live up to expectations – for example, in recruitment or quality – and there are a number of joint programs that have never actually opened owing to a lack of interest from prospective students, despite gaining approval from the MOE. There are also a number of programs that have recently had their approval withdrawn for failing to meet certain MOE standards.

This report:

  • Shares historical perspective of the development of China’s joint programs
  • Describes the current status and trends of the most recently approved MoE joint programs (by discipline, country of origin, 985/211 universities and regions in China);
  • Helps institutions understand how to define the right time and/or course for obtaining MoE approval
  • Clarifies he risks and consequences of joint programs which are not approved;
  • Builds understanding on:
      • How do you identify a compatible Chinese partner?
      • What can you do to conduct due diligence?
      • What are the essential points your institution must discuss and form agreement on with your Chinese partner?
      • What are the pros and cons of third party involvement and how do you manage such a relationship?
  • Suggests a number of key points to evaluate your existing joint programs and ensure they remain competitive in the market.

This report is available as a Standard and Tailored report.

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