Industry Journal – Issue 6

August 2014

Issue 6 of CHE’s Industry Journal delivers up-to-date market intelligence, emerging opportunities and the latest news on China’s tertiary education and research sector.

Highlights include:

  • The growth of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) in China
  • Top Ten Chinese Emerging Disciplines Your Institution Should Know About
  • Shanghai Government Releases New Plan for International Cooperation in R&D
  • Two New Sino-foreign Branch Campuses to Open in 2015
  • UK and China Ink USD 90 Million Research Partnership Deal
  • And much more …

Take a look at what’s inside…

Feature Article: Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)

More than 500,000 students are currently signed up to MOOCs in China. The market for MOOCs is growing rapidly and this growth is bringing big rewards to universities that are already onboard. Major platforms such as Coursera and edX have already entered the market, joining local players, such as Kaikeba and Top institutions Fudan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University have both entered partnerships with UK MOOC platform, Future Learn, and Tsinghua University has established its own MOOC platform, XuetangX.

Despite China’s enthusiastic reception of this medium, MOOC accreditation is yet to be recognized at a national level. But while the MOE does not currently recognize degrees obtained solely via online or distance learning, local governments appear to be softening their stance. The Shanghai municipal government is already investing in its own online teaching platform, on which credit can be earned and transferred for use at Shanghai-based universities.

In this edition of the CHE Newsletter we explore the current state of the Chinese MOOC market, as well as the benefits and challenges of building a MOOC presence in China.

The Policy section in this issue includes:

Shanghai Government Releases New Plan for International Cooperation in R&D

The Shanghai Science and Technology Commission has launched a project offering grants aimed at encouraging international cooperation in R&D. The plan includes grants of up to USD 300,000 for joint projects between overseas institutions and Shanghai-based universities and enterprises.

This issue’s General News section includes:

Top Ten Chinese Emerging Disciplines Your Institution Should Know About

China Education Online (EOL) has released a list of the top ten emerging university disciplines in 2014, based on graduate employability. The list reflects tertiary courses and academic disciplines that are growing fast to meet China’s social, political and economic needs.

Fact: Demand for graduates with Society and Environment qualifications is strengthening as industries race to become compliant after the national government revised its environmental protection laws in May this year. This was the first revision since 1989, providing authorities a legal framework to punish polluters, and increase accountability in both the public and private sectors.

Fact: The public listing of Chinese companies was brought to a halt in October 2012 as the China Securities Regulatory Commission began enacting a suite of more stringent financial reporting requirements. While new listings resumed at the end of 2013, companies are now requiring graduates with increasingly specialized knowledge of Financial and Accounting Law in order to keep up with regular new reforms.

In this edition, we provide the full top ten list along with explanations of these disciplines’ increasing importance in China.

Two New Sino-foreign Branch Campuses to Open in 2015

The Beijing Institute of Technology and Moscow State University’s joint campus in Shenzhen is now under construction, as is the University of Pittsburgh’s Sichuan-based joint campus with Sichuan University. The new campuses will join China’s six other Sino-foreign branch campuses, which jointly established the Sino-foreign Cooperative University Union in June this year.

The R&D Round-up section includes:

UK and China Ink USD 90 Million Research Partnership Deal

At a summit held in London in early June, China and the UK agreed to a £53 million (US$90 million) research partnership deal to jointly fund projects on climate change, renewable energy sources and human diseases. An additional £200 million (US$340 million) will be made available to the projects over the next five years.

In this edition’s Media & Market Monitor:

  • Online media exposure in China for the top 5 universities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Israel (by country)
  • Online media exposure in China for leading universities in Australia, Canada and New Zealand (by university)
  • The development of distance and online learning in China
  • The top provinces and regions in China by number of internet users
  • Chinese internet and mobile users’ access to online videos from 2011 to 2013
  • The number of Chinese universities delivering distance or online courses from 1996 to 2011
  • China’s investment in online education, 2012 to 2015


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