Industry Journal – Issue 5

June 2014

This edition includes:

  • The risks and rewards of establishing a branch campus in China
  • Update on the 67 new joint programs approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) in the first half of 2014
  • Top 5 disciplines studied in US, UK and Australia
  • Latest policy information and analysis of new MOE initiatives
  • Online China brand exposure data for UK and European universities
  • Recent tertiary education news from around China

See what’s inside…
Is a branch campus in China the right choice for your university? Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 12.36.59 pm Establishing a campus in China requires a large investment in time and resources but also brings increased benefits over other forms of partnership. In this edition, we explore the risks and rewards of establishing a campus, and provide important considerations for institutions thinking about opening a branch campus in China. This article will help you and your institution better understand branch campuses in China by:

  • Providing an overview of current campus operators, their set-up, history, and current status;
  • Discussing opportunities that exist for institutions establishing a campus in China, as well as exploring challenges;
  • Determining if there is space in the China market for your institution;
  • Including a checklist for institutions considering establishing a campus in China;
  • Providing an analysis of the long-term outlook for foreign campuses in China.

The Policy section of this edition reports on major changes to China’s university admissions system and the Ministry of Education’s new guidelines for secondary school international programs.

  • The MOE will create two separate university admissions systems for academic and vocational students. The reforms will see around 600 of China’s universities transformed into vocational institutions.
  • There are signs of a shift away from China’s university entrance exam, with more than 30 universities in Zhejiang province no longer using Gaokao marks as the sole criteria for student admissions.
  • The MOE has introduced an evaluation system for international programs in Chinese secondary schools and endorses programs in Beijing and Shanghai.

In the General News section, we look at:

  • The return of the QS World MBA tour to seven cities in China.
  • Ministry of Education is considering recognizing more private tertiary education providers in Australia.
  • Peking University establishes English-based Master of Chinese Studies scholarship to attract elite scholars from around the world.

Our R&D Round-up introduces the new Sino-Israeli research institution, the XIN Center, and the USD300 million nanotechnology joint research project between Tsinghua University and Tel Aviv University.

The Media & Market Monitor in this edition provides the latest data on top UK and European universities’ brand exposure in China, as well as Chinese media exposure for university rankings systems such as Times Higher Education and the Good University Guide. Online media exposure for popular university rankings in China Number of hits on Baidu and Chinese-language Google in May 2014, millions Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 2.28.14 pm Our regular Exhibitions & Conferences column includes information on all upcoming educational and professional conferences in China and surrounding regions. Subscribe now to read the full edition.


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