Industry Journal – Issue 2

December 2013

Feature Article: How Effective is Your Media Strategy in China?

We examine the media landscape in China, including digital and more traditional channels, and we look at common misconceptions when marketing your university in China, as well as providing tips for how to improve your institution’s visibility in Chinese media. This article will help you to determine:

  • What main media channels your institution should be focusing on
  • Why you should be promoting your university in Chinese language, with very few students and families conducting study abroad in English
  • What Chinese-language content is currently available to the Chinese public
  • What is your media strategy? And what can you do better to promote your brand in China?
  • How effectively are you spending your marketing budget to meet recruitment targets?
  • How visible are you on Chinese education portals, blogs, search engines and social media?

The MOE-Approved Joint Programs section includes statistics, graphs and tables outlining the latest September 2013 round of MOE-approved joint programs, as well as breakdowns by:

  • Foreign and Chinese university location
  • Study level
  • Quota and non-quota programs, and
  • Discipline

In General News, we look at:

  • Easing demand for traditional student recruitment agencies from prospective Chinese students and families; and
  • MOOCs rising presence in China.

In this edition’s Policy section, we look at the MOE’s changing regulation for joint program approvals and renewals, as well as China’s new provisional member status in the Washington Accord and what this means for engineering courses in the future.

In Media & Promotion we look at the number of users on Chinese social media platforms, as well as top Chinese-language search results for Industrial Design course in the US and the UK.



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