Industry Journal – Issue 1

October 2013

Working With Student Recruitment Agencies in China – A Parallel Approach

We examine the student recruitment agency landscape in China, including: how recruitment agencies operate, leading agencies and their focus areas in China, how universities around the world are working with these agencies, as well as guidelines for how to optimize the university-agency relationship to achieve the best results. The feature article outlines:

  • Various agency engagement strategies that universities around the world have adopted, as well as the shift towards direct recruitment strategies;
  • How prospective Chinese students and their families use recruiting agencies in China;
  • The pros and cons of engaging with agencies, including an examination of common mistakes; and
  • The benefits of adopting a parallel approach by increasing direct recruitment in China.

The General News section provides:

  • An update on the MOE’s recent policy encouraging the establishment of joint Chinese-foreign schools (or institutes), such as the China-EU Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy;
  • Information on changes and drivers of Chinese students’ study destinations, as well as an update on the rising number of high-achieving mainland students heading to Hong Kong to study;
  • Details about the new Australia-China Joint Water Research Center launched in Beijing; and
  • Structural changes observed in Chinese studying in the United States.

In Media & Promotion we look at the news and video exposure of the top 20 universities in the UK on Baidu.

The Additional Data section includes statistics, graphs and tables on:

  • Chinese studying abroad by destination (see graph below)
  • Chinese-foreign joint schools approved in 2012
  • Most expensive study destination in the world
  • Chinese high schools offering international curriculums



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