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We regret to inform you that this product is not currently being offered.

However, over 3 years and 20 issues of the Industry Journal, we have covered a huge range of topics that are still extremely relevant today; everything from graduate employment to R&D collaboration to joint program curriculum design to building alumni networks to brand profiling. Our back issues are still available for purchase through our online Store – you can browse our Journal Archive here.

We offer a number of alternative products to better your understanding of the education sector in China:

  • News Bulletin – Our free monthly publication provides a snapshot of recent events in China;
  • Research Report (Standardised) – These reports provide a broad but deep overview of a range of current and key topics;
  • Research Report (Customized) –  We can customize our reports to match your current situation, your future plans and your budget.
  • Info & Data Sets – We track and analyse a range of data about the education sector in China;

About the Journal

journalweb The CHE Industry Journal is a premium quarterly publication presenting in-depth analysis of current issues and trends across Higher Education in China. Following the Journal’s regular sections provides readers with a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary view of the industry.

Contents includes details on ambiguous regulations, policy changes, market success factors and shifts in student demand that need to be managed. Reading the Journal will improve your ability to identify, validate and convert opportunities in China.

Who Should Read It?

  • University Senior Management looking for increased sustainability within their China engagement strategies;
  • International Office Managers responsible for global engagement, R&D, partner-building, marketing and/or recruitment in China;
  • Government Education Departments;
  • Higher Education Service Providers (including foundation course providers, training centres, student exchange organisers, examination boards);

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What Does It Include?

  • Feature Article: Topics important to institutions engaging the China market, featuring detailed interviews with key market players and comprehensive analysis;
  • General News: Key trends and developments in the sector;
  • Policy: Significant changes in governmental educational policy;
  • Joint Programs: Changes in policies and landscape;
  • R&D: Recent developments;
  • Study Abroad/Visa Updates: Major visa changes and details of Chinese students overseas;
  • Market & Media Monitor: Media exposure and marketing campaigns of overseas universities in China;
  • Useful Data: Key data in easy-to-follow visual formats;

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A synopsis of each of our issues is provided below (click on each issue for further details):

Issue 20 Mar 2017
Issue 19 Oct 2016
Issue 18 Aug 2016
Issue 17 Jun 2016
Issue 16 May 2016 The Chinese Study Abroad Market: More Room for Growth?
Issue 15 Mar 2016 2015 in Review: Which Key Events Impacted the International Education Market in China?

Issue 14

Dec 2015

Before and after Tu Youyou – how China recognizes top scientists

Issue 13

Oct 2015

The One Third Game: Curriculum Policy and Implementation in Chinese-Foreign Joint Degree Programs 

Issue 12

Aug 2015

Designing the Optimal Curriculum for your Joint Program in China
Issue 11 Jun 2015 Making Best Use of Alumni Networks in China
Issue 10 Apr 2015 Building better partnerships in China
& International fake degrees – alarming to education providers around the world
Issue 9 Feb 2015 Different Ways to Build a Physical Presence in China
Issue 8 Dec 2014 Shaping Your Social Media Strategy in China
Issue 7 Oct 2014 Paving the Way to Studying Abroad – Pathway Programs in China
Issue 6 Aug 2014 The Growth of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) in China
Issue 5 Jun 2014 The Risks and Rewards of Establishing a Branch Campus in China
Issue 4 Apr 2014 Sino-Foreign R&D Collaborations in China
Issue 3 Feb 2014 Do the Benefits of an MOE-Approved Joint Program Outweigh the Drawbacks?
Issue 2 Dec 2013 How Effective is your Media Strategy in China?
Issue 1 Oct 2013 Working with Student Recruitment Agencies in China – A Parallel Approach

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To learn more about the contents of our Industry Journal, please download our Sample Issue.

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