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CHE and partners provide education marketing packages to help global education institutions achieve a higher level of branding to assist with partnership building and student recruitment.


CHE offers a series of packages to provide all of your marketing and promotional needs in China.

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As an education marketing channel wholesaler, we are able to help you select the most appropriate channels to meet your institution’s needs. We provide these in bundled packages  in order to provide cost-effective solutions.

We also work closely with your agents, partners and alumni to streamline your channel impact and increase the efficiency of your partnership building and recruitment processes.

Our channels are not merely to help to your name out, but also help in interactive communication and lead generation.


A relevant and interesting case study or a “juicy” story goes a long way to spreading your institution’s message widely and requires minimal channel investment.

CHE helps you create professional content that mainland Chinese readers identify with and assists you in building  a systematic process that leads to more self-generating content over time.



Penetrating different markets requires not only access to the local channels but also a strong understanding of local user preference and behaviors. When you launch a digital marketing campaign to target a particular international market, there are many variables that will influence your outcome. CHE digital media marketing partners are experienced and result-oriented making them a great additional resource to ensure you achieve your desired outcome and take your international campaign to the next level. 

Global Media Strategy and Execution     

  • Consult on your strengths and challenges in a particular country.
  • Gain insight into how to best enter a new market or improve your brand footprint in an existing market.
  • Craft a digital strategy across various channels to hit short and long-term objectives in different countries.
  • Execute, optimize, and report on the progress of your digital marketing activities
  • Audit and implement SEO strategies
  • Audit and implement on-site Google Analytics

For more details of this service, please download the PDF.

Data Driven Creative Solution

This AI data driven solution produces high performance creative, unique to your target country and campaign objectives. This low-cost turn-key solution for your next overseas education campaign can produce highly intelligent, data-centric ads “Predictive Creative”! 

It can help: 

  • Produce high performance creative for any country globally
  • Take the guesswork out of student recruitment with data driven creative in both text and images. 

For more details of this service, please download the PDF.


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