Evaluation Committee Members (All 7 National Project Areas)


MoST Key State Projects Open to Non-PRC Residents (2018)

MoST has issued 7 national projects in 7 different fields, for which non-PRC residents can now begun the principle person. The 7 areas of the national projects are:

1. Intellectual Robotics;
2. Common Key Technology & Applications for Modern Services.
3. Renewable Energy & Hydrogen Technology;
4. Networking Manufacturing & Intellectual Factory;
5. Comprehensive Transport & Intelligent Transport;
6. Nuclear Safety & Advanced Technology;
7. Fundamental Manufacturing Technology & Key Components;

The MoE has also published lists of the Evaluation Committee members for each of these 7 areas;

You can purchase the full list of the Evaluation Committee members (including names and employers, e.g. universities, R&D institutes, enterprises) for all 7 areas.

To purchase the details of any one of the Evaluation Committee members (including name and employer) for one of the areas, please click here.

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