Evaluation Committee Member (One National Project Area)


MoST Key State Projects Open to Non-PRC Residents (2018)

MoST has issued 7 national projects in 7 different fields, for which non-PRC residents can now begun the principle person. The 7 areas of the national projects are:

1. Intellectual Robotics;
2. Common Key Technology & Applications for Modern Services.
3. Renewable Energy & Hydrogen Technology;
4. Networking Manufacturing & Intellectual Factory;
5. Comprehensive Transport & Intelligent Transport;
6. Nuclear Safety & Advanced Technology;
7. Fundamental Manufacturing Technology & Key Components;

The MoE has also published lists of the Evaluation Committee members for each of these 7 areas;

You can purchase the details of any one of the Evaluation Committee members (including name and employer) for one of the areas.

To purchase the full list of the Evaluation Committee members (including names and employers, e.g. universities, R&D institutes, enterprises) for all 7 areas, please click here.

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