Private School Fairs – India (K-12)

Event Type: Offline Recruitment Fair (K-12)

Event Details: Private School Fair is an excellent opportunity for meeting with parents who are very interested in the best education for their children. Using competitive advertising campaigns helps ensure a large presence of the target audience interested in the participating boarding and private schools. Individual advertising campaigns for each exhibitor are tailor-made for this event and are based on three main parameters: name and brand of the school, academic program’s specifics, сampus location.

Fall 2021 Itinerary

November 6thNew Delhi, IndiaEUR 2800
November 7thMumbai, IndiaEUR 2800
November 9thBangalore, IndiaEUR 2800

Spring 2022 Itinerary

March 26thNew Delhi, IndiaEUR 2800
March 27thMumbai, IndiaEUR 2800
March 29thBangalore, IndiaEUR 2800

Fall 2022 Itinerary

November 5thNew Delhi, IndiaEUR 2800
November 6thMumbai, IndiaEUR 2800
November 8thBangalore, IndiaEUR 2800



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