President of Muyuan Group Donates RMB 800m to West Lake University

The Richest man in Henan donated RMB 800m (USD 124m) worth of shares to West Lake University, China’s first and only private R&D university, to support foundation research, importation of talents, and routine research and teaching.

QIN Yinlin, president of Muyuan Group, with wife QIAN yin, became the richest couple in Henan province with a share value of over RMB 100b (USD 14 billion). Muyuan Group started from 22 pigs, but now has 70,000 employees working across pig feeds, breeding, slaughtering, and processing. QIN is one of the founding donors of West Lake who donated RMB100m (USD14m) at the establishment of West Lake in 2018.

Other Henan donors to West Lake include ZHANG Lei, Founder and CEO of Hillhouse Capital (GaoXiang Ziben), who invested 7 billion RMB in Yuan Tutorial (Yuan Fudao) this year; XU Yiming, President of Xihe Real Estate, a stakeholder of a number of K-12 schools. 

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