Pain Points in China’s HE Development Revealed

IDM Research, an online academic forum driven by a small number of shanghai based academics, has listed a number of “pain points” within China’s tertiary sector development. These include: little free operating space, which has been squeezed by administrative measures such as frequent changes in senior management through administrative appointments, where neither the appointment itself nor those being appointed have considered the university’s own long-term development needs; an over emphasis on “equal treatment” creating an overall environment with little appreciation for individual’s qualities; society interfering with and even “kidnapping” some of the principles and directions on how a university should operate; the huge inequality amongst project funding which sees many struggle t get funding , while others can not find ways of spent their funding; the huge income gap amongst academic staff members as more universities are eagerly bringing in “top talent”. IDM summarized that Chinese universities are under pressure from both administrative measurements and commercial interests, and that China is facing a challenge where thousands of universities are operating under a homogenous approach, with little character of their own.

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