Oxford Builds Joint Gastrointestinal Cancer Center with Sichuan University

This joint-centre aims to focus on three areas of research: high quality basic, translational and clinical cancer research, in particular the development of marker, supportive therapy, cancer image archives, etc. The center also plans to provide cross teaching and training opportunities for their students on both sides.

The medical expertise of Sichuan Uni lies in the West China Center (Huaxi) of Medical Sciences. The Huaxi Center, formally Huaxi Medical University, merged into Sichuan University in 2000; they currently have 5 faculties and 4 affiliated hospitals. Huaxi was established by a collective of four denominational missionary groups in 1905 (some say 1910) under the name of Western China Union University as a comprehensive university. During the Sino-Japanese war, the campus acted as a base for another 5 universities from eastern China who were forced to migrate westwards to preserve talents. 

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