Study Tours, Internships & Short Courses

CHE works together with its partners to operate both inbound and outbound study tours, internships and short-term courses, for more existing itineraries and service offers, if:
  • You are an service provider of inbound/outbound study tours and/or internships and would like to increase your exposure through CHE’s network and channels;
  • You have students, clients and/or end-users looking for quality programs and sustainable service providers of inbound/outbound study tours,  internships or short-term courses.
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美国 USA

英国 UK

澳大利亚 Australia

加拿大 Canada
幼儿园 Kindergarten

小学生 Primary School

中学生 Middle School

大学/职业院校 University/VET

成人 Adults

If you can’t find the perfect match for your requirements, please get in touch with us:、
若您有任何问题, 需求, 请联系我们为您制定量身服务。

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