Partnership Building

CHE provides you with strategic advice and facilitation services throughout the partnership-building process, in order to help manage your prospective partners’ agendas and understand their potential contradictions, whether your partner is a local institution, a recruitment agency or a language training center.

Partner with Local Institutions:

With over 1,000 university, VET provider and school connections in China, CHE can help you map out your potential local institution partners, carve a relationship, and build a stable source of students over time. 

  • Promoting scholarship and short-term programs
        Fee: USD 3,500+
  • Establishing a MOE approved joint program
    Please click here to see more information. 

Partner with Recruiting Agencies:

CHE offers agency screening services to provide institutions with a better starting point. At the end of the process, CHE is able to provide 10-20 agents who have preliminary interests in working with the institutions. An on-going agency referral option is also available.

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