Partnership Building

CHE provides you with strategic advice and facilitation services throughout the partnership building process, in order to help manage your prospective partners’ agendas and understand their potential contradictions, whether your partner is a local institution, a recruitment agency or a language training centre.

CHE and its partners can help you manage:

  • Screening and reaching out to potential partners in a fast and cost-effective manner;
  • Representing and negotiating on behalf of your institution;
  • Conducting any due diligence on potential partners;
  • Assistance with approvals and renewals;
  • Maintaining and managing on-going relationships.
  • Provision of legal opinions on contracts (Learn More)
    • How do you maintain control in the decision-making process in your partnership?

    • Which language should prevail in your contract?

    • What’s your best option for dispute resolution?

    • What are the financial and tax considerations?

      An experienced CHE legal associate can help you overcome the unknown Chinese legal minefields, policy hurdles and cultural barriers!

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