Due Diligence & Feasibility Studies

Before investing resources in China to set up a China office, or to start a joint program/ institute, or to established a China branch campus, your mission can easily become compromised by multiple issues, including an insufficient awareness of the competitive environment,  a misjudged collaboration format, unsuitable product/service design, or even entry into a dubious partnership.

CHE utilises its on-the-ground capacity, Mandarin fluency, industry knowledge and national education network, to conduct feasibility studies and due diligence in conjunction with you, in order to help you make the right decision and select the most suitable long-term success pathway in China.

Case Study I (click here)

Support the Design of a Joint Program

The overseas institution was invited by a top Chinese university to establish a Masters level joint program in a niche sector. CHE was contracted to conduct a competitive analysis into the sourcing of students, academic resources, course design, entry requirements and employment outcomes.

Case Study II (click here)

Shortlist Potential Joint Program Partners

An overseas institution wanted to set up a joint program in China. CHE was contracted to screen 10 universities offering this discipline in the targeted region in order to understand their courses’ current status and their international collaboration objectives. In addition, we arranged face-to-face meetings and provides 3 short-listed potential partners with whom the overseas insititutions could conduct more detailed conversations.

Case Study III (click here)

Due Diligence into Influential Individual

An overseas university had been heavily relying on one particular individual to connect with Chinese institutions, agents and government departments. The new management of the university engaged CHE to understand who this particular individual was, what his previous and current roles were and what his social status and connections were.  We also helped the overseas university better understand the pros and cons of his advice and the advantages and limitations of his professional and personal network.


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