Benchmarking & Quality Assurance

Benchmarking: Marketing & Promotion

  • Do you want to understand how you appear compared to your competitors?
Find out how you appeared when certain key word searches are conducted
Compare questions and responses from different channels

CHE’s benchmarking services for marketing and promotion will help you learn from your peers and from industry’s best practices thereby providing a short-cut to maximize your marketing and promotional efforts.

Benchmarking: Recruitment Procedure & Agency Selection/Management

  • Would you like to find out how the organizations you are benchmarking against are recruiting in China? (including both direct recruitments and agents)

Receive periodical recruitment activity updates
Benchmark yoru competitors’ agent selection(s) and management policies

Quality Control of Off-shore Program’s Recruitment & Teaching

We can provide the following services to ensure you are fully aware of the quality and delivery of your offshore program’s teaching;

  • Survey of/Feedback from current students;
  • Broader interviews/survey to truly identify your partner/students’ needs, to gain a clear understanding of your program’s industry reputation, to ensure your local delivery program is meeting all expectations and to ultimately determine whether your local delivery program is sustainable.
Example Case Study (click here)
Student Survey & Feedback for Joint Program Improvement
Based on students’ and Chinese partners’ feedback, the joint program management team was confident to make a few major changes of the recruitment requirements, discipline and course structure and promotional message.  These changes ensured the successful continuation of the program in the light of recent rapid changes in the employment needs of various industry sectors. 

Quality Control of Off-shore Examinations

CHE and it’s partners help you manage the entire examination process including;

  • Printing and delivery;
  • Collection and return of exam papers;
  • On-site supervision;
  • Post-exam reports;
  • Provision of 3rd party in-country (across mulitiple cities) exam supervision service to ensure your programs’ reputation and quality standards;


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