China Career Accelerator


Are You Lacking Sufficient Employment Data About Your Alumni?

CHE and HelloCareer have jointly launched the China Career Accelerator (CCA) platform that provides returnees with a large range of job opportunities across all industry sectors and management levels.

What is the CCA Program?

The CCA program is designed to:

  • allow universities to showcase their ability to see Chinese returnee’s careers from their perspective  – by providing a number of returnee positions in China;
  • allow universities to gather data about their Chinese graduate’s job searches;
  • provide feedback to universities from the employers about their graduates;

What does the CCA Program involve?

  • Universities join the CCA Program for a moderate annual fee;
  • Universities can promote the program to their students on-campus;
  • Universities receive an annual report from the program;

Why Join the CCA Program?

  • University branding in front of alumni;
  • University branding in front of employers;
  • Alumni employment data gathering (through annual report);


What does the CCA Annual Report contain?

  • Number of your graduates who have uploaded their CV;
  • Number of your graduates who have received interviews;
  • The positions your graduates applied for and have been offered;
  • The average salary level;
  • Employers’ feedback;



USD580 (CHE Club Members)


PayPal or Credit/Debit Card (online): CHE Club Members

Non CHE Club Members

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About HelloCareer

HelloCareer is well-known for its globally-focused talent recruitment strategy and its service to Chinese companies and government organisations helping them hire and build connections with candidates across the world. With an extremely strong online presence and technically proficient platform, HelloCareer has already developed strong relationships with many top overseas universities and overseas Chinese organisations as well as becoming a preferred recruitment channel for some of the largest corporations in China (including Tencent, Huawei, Zoomlion, CCTV, Haier Group, Sanpower Group).


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