China-based Alumni Engagement

With China being the largest source country for overseas students for many universities, connecting with your China-based alumni can be one of the most powerful tools to improve your brand awareness, to tap into local partnership opportunities and to establish academic, research and industry links. The scale and diversity of needs of your China alumni often require systematic support rather than fly-in fly-out visits or one or two local chapter volunteers.

CHE provides you with the following services:

  • database building and VIP engagement;
  • organisation of joint activities with other alumni groups matching your needs;
  • internships and career fairs;
  • committee and volunteer management;
  • on-the-ground events support (including logistics and media coverage); 
  • internships (Click to Show More);

    CHE and its partners provide internships in multiple cities across China, that are suitable for  overseas students as well as Chinese students/graduates.

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  • career webinars (Click to Show More);

    CHE and its partners regularly invite representatives from top HR firms and successful graduates in China to speak (via webinars) to Chinese students on campus and provide them with suggestions for their job search before they return to China, including advice on job channels and expected packages, an introduction to key resume/interview skills and an opportunity to hear from other successful returnees.

    These online career sessions and career suitability tests can be booked specifically for your university; Or you can register your interest to join one of our scheduled webinars:

      Please note: speakers and budget can be provided after your initial enquiry.

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    Build Your Chinese Graduate Database – Start Today!

    Are You Lacking Sufficient Employment Data About Your Alumni?
    CHE and HelloCareer have partnered to bring you a platform providing detailed data collection about your alumni’s employment and huge range of graduate job opportunities.  Find out more
    Example Case Study (click here)
    Supporting the Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA)
    CHE has supported the ACAA with its strategic development, partnership building plans, day-to-day operations, marketing implementation, major event organisation and HR and admin functions. The ACAA is an NGO funded by the Australian government, Australian universities and corporate partners and is currently the largest Chinese returnee network by country. For more information, please see 


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