Webinar (24th & 25th August 2017)



Wednesday, 24th August 2017 (& Thursday, 25th August 2017)


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China 16:00 Thursday 24th August 2017
UK (BST) 09:00 Thursday 24th August 2017
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China 08:00 Friday 25th August 2017
USA/Canada (EDT) 20:00 Thursday 24th August 2017
USA/Canada (PDT) 17:00 Thursday 24th August 2017
Australia (AEST) 10:00 Friday 25th August 2017


How to Effectively Manage Agents in China

  • Facing a massive and complicated Chinese market, how should overseas education and training institutions make their first step when looking for student recruitment agents?
  • Is there an “optimal number” of agents that overseas universities should have in China?
  • What are the “key buttons you can press” to get the agents to work for you?

This webinar will welcome a panel of experienced speakers, including Igor Skibickij from StudentMarketing and Tommy Lin from the University of Newcastle, Australia to share their knowledge or experiences.


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