Webinar (14th June 2017)



Wednesday, 14th June 2017


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China 16:00 Wednesday 14th June 2017
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China 08:00 Thursday 15th June 2017
USA/Canada (EDT) 20:00 Wednesday 14th June 2017
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Australia (AEST) 10:00 Thursday 15th June 2017



Making Use of Alumni Resources in China

As overseas universities continue to deepen their relationship with China, engaging with alumni in China is becoming an increasingly valuable way to develop broader and stronger networks of supporters and collaborators.

We invite Iris Huang, former GM of the Australia China Alumni Association and Bert Husson, Alumni Officer at NESO China and other panelists to discuss how universities can how universities can best reach their alumni, and dealing with issues such as:

  • Common misperceptions in managing China-based alumni activities
  • Best practices by universities in managing their alumni activities in China
  • Case studies

We will also be discussing the current state of alumni engagement in China, and will be providing information on how to reach out to alumni and how best to engage with them.


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