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19th – 20th Mar 2019: ICEF Ukraine Focus

The new ICEF Ukraine Focus gives international educators and service providers the opportunity to meet top-quality student recruitment agents from Ukraine at one focused event.

23rd – 25th Mar 2019: ICEF Moscow Workshop

The ICEF Moscow Workshop is the region’s most renowned international education networking event. Providing educators and service providers with the opportunity to meet the best agents from Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus, this workshop is a must attend for institutions seeking to increase international student enrolments from this important market.

28th – 29th Mar 2019: ICEF Central Asia Focus

The ICEF Central Asia Focus gives international educators and service providers the opportunity to meet top-quality student recruitment agents from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Northern China at one focused event.

3rd – 5th Apr 2019: Australia New Zealand Workshop
The Australia New Zealand Agent Workshop 2019 will be held in Darwin, Australia. Both Australia and New Zealand offer world-class education, travel and lifestyle opportunities at competitive price points, making them highly attractive destinations for students and youth travellers from across the globe. Each year ANZA attracts hundreds of educators, work & travel organisations, industry service providers, and international agents (buyers) who send many thousands of students and youth travellers to the region annually.

24th – 25th Apr 2019: ICEF North America Workshop (Vancouver)

For most international students, agents play an important role in selecting and applying to institutions abroad. As a result, agents have become a vital recruitment method for Canadian and US educators. For the last seven years, the ICEF North America Workshop in Canada has attracted an increasing number of participants, firmly establishing itself as Canada’s leading education networking event.

15th – 17th May 2019: ICEF Africa Workshop

The ICEF Africa Workshop will again take place in Cape Town in May of 2019. The 2018 event was the premier networking and student recruitment event in Africa. As such, it brought student recruitment agents from around the world interested in South Africa as a study destination and connected international educators and service providers with agents from all over Africa.

19th – 21st June 2019: ICEF South East Asia Workshop
The ICEF Southeast Asia Workshop provides international educators and service providers with the opportunity to meet quality, active student recruitment agents from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Southern China.

30th September – 2nd October 2019: ICEF Latin America
The ICEF Latin America networking event allows international educators to meet with quality student recruitment agents from numerous Latin America countries. This event also offers seminars, expert panels and presentations which divulge the latest trends and research affecting international educations.

16th – 18th October 2019: ICEF Asia Workshop
The ICEF Asia Workshop is the largest agent networking event of its kind in Asia. China is the leading supplier of international students in the world, making this a must-attend event for all education institutions seeking to build relationships in China and greater Asia.  The ICEF Beijing Workshop attracts the best international educators and service providers, connecting them with quality Asian agents carefully screened by ICEF.

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