AIEC 2017

Theme: “Embracing Diversity”

Few sectors reflect the excitement and the challenges of diversity in the way that international education does. In international education, diversity is already the norm. It is what we do. 

Our industry provides the opportunity for people to better their lives through an international education. We do this by facilitating the movement of diverse peoples across national borders to engage with diverse ideas and foster meaningful and productive encounters between ‘strangers’. We are at the forefront of global geographies of encounter; this benefits our students, institutions and communities in both destination and home countries.

We seek to nurture skilled and committed global citizens, who understand, embrace and successfully navigate differences in the workplace and their communities, who will solve global challenges and who, most importantly, will forge a global civic culture of mutual respect and partnership out of difference.

Today, however, the global and political environment is shifting, with different national agendas, clash of ideologies, the rise of nationalism, new migration policies, refugee crises and increasing social inequalities. In this new environment, how do we navigate the new realities and socio-political landscapes? How can we continue to communicate the positive and important contribution of diversity to the wider community?

AIEC 2017 will explore this landscape in all its variety by embracing our ‘diversities’. Whether it be people, cultures, languages, places, partnerships, education sectors, pathways, delivery models, approaches to learning and teaching or careers and employment, we will look critically at what we are achieving. Crucially, we will also look at what more we can do to sustain diversity as a core value and maintain our diverse and thriving international education sector.

The conference will be held at The Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart, which features plenary and exhibition spaces and some of the best views in the city. Overlooking the Hobart Harbour and Constitution Dock, this Tasmanian hotel is just steps from popular attractions like, Salamanca, Battery Point and the Central Business District, but intimate enough to ensure a perfectly relaxing experience.

1 Davey Street, Hobart TAS 7000,Australia

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