China Test-Optional Initiative

Online Undergraduate Promotion Campaign

The China Test Optional Initiative (CTOI), to bridge the gap between the growing test-optional policy movement in higher education with the extraordinary number of Chinese students seeking international education opportunities after taking the Gaokao or other standardized exams.

How Does CTOI Work?

The CTOI is a web index accessible inside Mainland China. Students browse a list of test-optional universities organized by geography and indicate their interest in learning more about the school’s application process.  Once they express interest in applying to a particular university, we relay that student’s inquiry and contact information that they choose to provide to the university they inquire about. 

Annual Package Benefits:

  • Creation of webpage and Wechat page profile, including translation of overview content into simplified Chinese.
  • Opportunity to present to 100+ students at one of the annual CTOI Webinars
  • Each week, a list of student inquiries about your university. Students report as much information as they are comfortable sharing and are invited to provide phone, email, WeChat, grade, school, location, as well as their parent’s information. Each member institution can expect over 400+ leads each year.
  • A comprehensive research report released each year in March about assessing Gaokao scores across different subjects and provinces.


CTOI Annual Membership USD2,500
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China test Optional Initiative + CHE Club Membership (1 year) USD2,750
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