Online Platform for Late Bloomers

Click here to view our Online Recruitment Campaign Product. Looking for a new channel for hundreds of undergraduate recruitment leads annually? Join CHE’s new undergraduate recruitment channel to showcase your institution to Chinese high-school students who are looking for studying abroad options without required standardized test scores (e.g. Gaokao, SAT, ACT, IB).  These students are late bloomers, deciding late in high school, or even after taking the Gaokao, to study abroad, and are looking for institutions able to provide flexible admissions policies as they explore their options.  Benefits:
  • You will receive on average 400-500 student inquiries a year;
  • A unique promotional opportunity through a translated profile on the platform for a year;
  • Access to student data and regular lead generation updates.
Early Bird Discount*: USD 2,850  
Early Bird for CHE Members*: USD 2,700 Learn more about the CHE Club.
Full Price: USD 3,000
*Early Bird expires in April
Payment Methods:
PayPal or Credit/Debit Card (online): EARLY BIRD:
Local (China) Bank Transfer: Bank account details available .. Contact Us
International (Australia) Bank Transfer: Bank account details available .. Contact Us
AliPay: Account name: AlipAY-QR-code
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