News Bulletin, Issue 3

MOE report reveals many returning Chinese students’ salaries below expectations 


According to a report released by the MOE, almost 80% Chinese students studying overseas who return to China earn a monthly salary below RMB 10,000 (US$1630), which was below around half of returning graduates’ expectations. The report also revealed that Chinese study abroad for 3.6 years on average and the top three majors studied were economics, foreign-language studies and business administration.

UKTI launches Great Ambassadors scheme to help UK companies in China


A pilot scheme from UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) will see students from the University of Sheffield offered internships in an effort to provide UK companies access to Chinese language, cultural and business knowledge. If successful, the Great Ambassadors scheme will be rolled out to other universities and extended to other major non European Union student groups.


TNE worth £469 million to UK universities


According to a recent report from the BIS, transnational education was worth £469 million to UK universities in 2012-13, accounting for 11% of international fee revenues. An additional £711 million was brought in through articulation agreements, where students transfer from overseas to domestic institutions.


Chinese students drive foreign student growth in the US


Universities in the US enrolled a record 886,052 foreign students in 2013-14, of which Chinese students accounted for almost 60 per cent of the growth in foreign students, according to the new Open Doors report from the Institute of International Education. Chinese students account for one-third of all foreign students in the US and are fairly evenly split between undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 


China to co-fund India’s first Railway university


China has proposed to co-fund India’s first Railway university and are also interested in joint development of curriculum, design of the university campus and facilities, student and teacher exchange programmes, and offering latest learning technologies to India. The Railway university will teach courses on management, finance as well as specialised engineering courses.


Yili Group and Lincoln University enter into R&D partnership


Large Chinese dairy company Yili Group has signed a cooperation deal in New Zealand to produce, process and export dairy products. The project includes an partnership with Lincoln University for scientific cooperation across the dairy supply chain, with the two parties pooling resources and technology to focus on improving nutrition and quality assurance in dairy products.


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