New York University Shanghai Launches PhD Program in Sociology

New York University Shanghai campus (NYU Shanghai) will be starting its 10th PhD program in China – the Sociology PhD, aiming to provide research capability to tackle China’s social issues in education, healthcare, immigration, aging society, equality & justice issues. PhD students will conduct field work in China then spend two semesters (or more) in the US, before returning to Shanghai. The students are encouraged to utilize the resources of the newly established China Applied Social Economic Centre (CASER). Prof Wu Xiaogang, a graduate of Renmin and Peking University, with a PhD from the University of Michigan, and 20 years experience in the US and Hong Kong, has been appointed as the Director of CASER. Since the beginning of its PhD program in 2015, NYU Shanghai has had 40 PhD students enrolled. Over the last decade, China recruited approx. 80,000 PhD students of which 50,000 graduated.

Prof. Wu Xiaogang, Director of CASER of NYU Shanghai

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