Nanjing Uni Launches Undergraduate AI Institute

After the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) established the first postgraduate AI institute in July last year, Xi’an Electronic and S&T University (aka Xidian University) established the first undergraduate AI institute at the end of last year.


As a member of the C9 League, Nanjing University (aka NanDa) has also established its AI institute at the undergraduate level and offers an option to continue at a Master’s level. Nanjing University’s AI Institute will be split from and run parallel to its Computer Science and Technology Institutes. Initially it is offering two majors: 1) Robot Learning & Data Mining; 2) AI Systems and Applications. The initial cohort will be between 60 and 100 students. Many companies are very interested in the graduates and it is expected that most, if not all students will be “employed” before they even graduate. According to Professor ZHOU Zhihua, Dean of the Institute, the aim of the AI center is not only to train students to able to use current AI technology but also to invent new AI technologies.


NanDa already has strong brand recognition through its LAMDA (Learning and Mining from Data) Center, which is affiliated with the National Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology. Its AI PhD graduates expect an annual salary of RMB 500,000 (USD 79,000), which is four times higher than the average PhD graduates’ salary.

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